Our project rises from the will of creating body ornaments inspired by Virginia’s deep studies in palaeontology, biology and geology - combined with a futuristic dystopian visual approach. Shapes and structures remind of fossils, extinct organisms and ancient objects with a focus on the aura and the sacredness, whether textures resemble natural aggregations and rock stratifications.

The artisanal manufacture and the unique and individual yeld are the principles underlying the processing techniques used for the production of each piece. For these reasons, the production combines ancient casting techniques - such as cuttlefish bone casting, to more contemporary ones such as lost wax casting, in our studio located by a small town on the shores of lake Como.

The rediscovery of archaic techniques is the key of Virginia’s work, an all-encompassing experience of acknowledgement being in touch with the material. Casted following these methods, each piece is hand blunted and polished in order to guarantee its individuality. Finally, we recall new technologies. The 3D prototypes and the hi-tech virtual scenarios contrasting the jewels rough shapes and structure have always shed light on the anthropomorphic characteristics of each piece, which interweave with and follow the human body just as alien prostheses, expanding the idea of simple ornament concerning jewels and transforming them into otherworldly techno-futuristic extensions of the body.

Our collections are completely eco–friendly and contribute to the reduction of emissions and environmental damages. We like to think that we are a brand in touch with our times and needs- and such sustainability must be a priority. For these reasons, each piece is made with recyclable or regenerated materials.

The choice of aluminium is related to its chemical and physical properties. Its incredible lightness, malleability and capability of not oxidize of this specific metal represents the future in accessory and jewellery design. By using only the 5% of the energy exploited to produce it, aluminium is 100% recyclable and hypoallergenic treated. Silver products are fully made of up-cycled foundry unused scraps, objects and leftover jewels picked from antiquarians or custom pieces made out of customers old family jewels, most of the time.