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Archaeopteryx is a transitional structure suspended in an intermediate phase, where the morphology is slowly affected by the signs of the time only, foreseeing its following evolutionary cycle.

As a skeleton preserved in between rocks, keeps evolving slowly, and what once was stays, aggregates, and settles in.

Following this perpetual evolution, this limbo, Archaeopteryx alights and branches off, allowing new concretions to later blend in.


- Material: 100 % recyclable Copper, cast in Brass and Silver. 
- Weight: 7g
- Width: 14 cm
- Press gently to adapt to your head

Add our INCERTAE SEDIS or your earrings and create your own version. 


Each piece is unique and made entirely by hand so it may take up to 7 days to produce; the irregular texture created during the molding stage will lead to an unrepeatable pattern.

For further details or custom pieces please contact:

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